As the Middle East slowly but surely becomes one of the world’s cultural hotbeds, a huge gap exists between what is actually happening in our vibrant cities, and what is being documented, archived and broadcasted to the world. 

We created Late Knights, a start-up content platform that aims to be an authentic documentation platform for musical activities, channeling the growing arts & culture scene, and in turn transforming the perceived image of the region, through music, a global language.

47 Soul

The creators of the genre known as Shamstep, 47 Soul took the stage for a high energy performance.

Woo York

Ukrainian duo Woo York deliver a powerful and pristine live session at AHM, Beirut.

Kamaal Williams

The man behind the Wu Funk genre, Kamaal Williams talks about the many influences behind his unique sound, from London to the world, in this concert film from Grand Factory.


KiNK brings his plethora of handmade toys and tools to perform a heartfelt live session at Reunion.

Viken Arman x Harout Fazlian

Two artists with Armenian Heritage from different walks of life, and different musical styles.

French-Armenian and electronic artist Viken Arman and Lebanese-Armenian Harout Fazlian, conductor of The Lebanese Philharmonic and Beirut Symphony Orchestra join sounds to tell a story inspired by their country of origin, and prepare for a heartfelt concert at Grand Factory in Beirut.


From his music club beginnings in university, to being the third ever producer from Lebanon at the Red Bull Music Academy, ETYEN tells us his story as we follow him through his day before a live set at B018, Beirut.

Nicole Moudaber

In 1990s Beirut, a trailblazing Nicole Moudaber took the Lebanese nightlife scene by the reigns and steered it to new heights, before leaving the country to pursue bigger achievements.