After the closing of The Basement - the club that started it all - in Jan 2011, Jade set up a music studio in Beirut as a tribute, called The Basement Studios, followed by a 27-studio complex in Berlin in 2012 called Riverside Studios.

A few years later, The Basement Studios in Beirut was incorporated as part of the Factory People family, and together with Riverside Studios, they brought together a network of experts, artists and technicians between Beirut and Berlin, under several workshops and talent development programs such as the BBX.

At The Basement Studios, we focus on music production, scoring for film, TV and radio, in addition to live recordings, studio recordings and high quality mixing.Our tech list boasts some of the most important classical & vintage analogue gear, high end recording and mixing equipment as well as a vast array of digital tools.

The Studio has handled all recordings for our Late Knights project, delivering top of the line mixdowns that recreate an immersive audio experience across all devices.


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