When a trash crisis hit Beirut in 2015, we felt like sorting & recycling stopped being a choice, it became a necessity for our platforms & venues.

Our clubs consume around 8,000 plastic cups every weekend, so we started a program to recycle and eventually reduce our plastic consumption, and through it to lead by example for the youth that follow our platforms.



Three bins were placed in the clubs and were programmed to have individual counters that were in turn centralized to an aggregated counter. The more cups placed in the bins (as opposed to on the floor, in the bathrooms, or other random places), the bigger the reward for the entire club.

At 1,000 cups,
we had pizzas distributed.

At 2,000 cups,
we had open bar.

At 4,000 cups,
everyone got free entrance.

Our bins were an all year long activation at our venues, and since launch we’ve been able to recycle around 1 Ton of Plastic Cups.


A year after building awareness on the plastic cups, our venues went strawless- and we completely removed the usage of plastic straws. To engage with our audience, we developed the below gamified campaign.