Music Genre: Disco, Funk, Disco Remixes
Opening Days: Thursdays in summer, select nights in winter

Complimenting our weekly Friday and Saturday parties, Love Night takes place every Thursday in summer, and on occasion in winter. At Love Night, the musical direction is light-hearted & familiar, with remixes and high energy tunes, playing House, Funk and Disco.

Focusing on a contradictory take on Love, the identity constantly took on sexual innuendos, a sleazy tone of voice, and recalls from the 70’s and 80’s to position the brand as a laid back, feel good night.

In March 2022, 25hours commissioned Love Night to host the opening party of the 25hours Hotel in Dubai One Central. Love Night landed in the hotel and transformed the hotel to a quirky, multi-room experience. Fitted with disco balls, glitter, love trains and dancing bedroom monsters, Love Night’s first regional expansion took Dubai by storm.